Congo Kivu 250g Beans




Sarah’s Choice are coffees that I have specially selected for you. They are my personal favourites and bring a spectrum of flavours to my range.

Congo Kivu has a delightful, slightly spicy aroma with slight hints of the fecund soil in which it is grown, in the cup it has hints of cocoa and orchard fruits. It is roasted like a Kenyan, giving it a full-medium roast depth which brings out the richness and the velvet in the flavour.

Brewing Hints: Brew for 3 – 4 minutes in a cafetiere or use a filter machine.
Roast Depth: Medium Roast Coffee
Origin: Kivu, DRC (formerly Zaire)
Characteristics: A bold, intense coffee with wild aspects
Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day, ideally with milk.


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