Ethiopian Sidamo 250g Ground

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Sarah’s Choice are coffees that I have specially selected for you. They are my personal favourites and bring a spectrum of flavours to my range.

Sidamo is directly on the border with Kenya with the coffee being grown at 1500 metres or above. The soils in the highlands of Sidamo are heavily volcanic which contributes to the flavour and character of this fine coffee.

Brewing Hints: Brew for 3 – 4 minutes in a cafetiere or filter machine
Roast Depth: Light to medium roast
Origin: The Sidamo province of Ethiopia
Characteristics: Lemon and citrus flavour notes with a bight, crisp acidity
Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day, with or without milk.

1 review for Ethiopian Sidamo 250g Ground

  1. Laura Smith

    We love this coffee at breakfast time, it’s strong enough to get you going without being overpowering when you’ve just got out of bed! It has a very smooth bright taste and pairs perfectly with fresh fruit or marmalade on toast. A firm favourite for us.

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