Why should you buy Sarah’s Coffee?

Obviously I have picked for you some beautiful tasting coffee. But just as important as that by choosing to buy my coffee you are helping to fund The Cariad Project sending much needed disability equipment to the rural areas of The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. People don’t have access to the equipment that can make their lives easier.

Sarah’s Coffee and my retail outlet The Coffee Bean is set up as a social enterprise to support The Cariad Project. The Cariad Project is a registered charity and it works in conjunction with other charities such as Physionet to send unwanted disability equipment from the UK to centres in Africa where equipment is needed and where it can make a big difference. 

Sarah’s Coffee also works ethically to ensure that a premium is paid for all its coffees to the farmers who grow the beans. This ensures that the farmers are able to sustain themselves, their families and their communities.  



Not all the coffee listed is certified as Fairtrade which was set up to ensure that farmers are given a better price and fair terms of trade in a sustainable way. But not all farmers can afford certification or are in a position to join a cooperative to trade.

In the long term the most effective way out of poverty has to be ensuring that all farmers are fairly and sustainably traded with. And this is the case with Sarah’s Coffee you can rest assured that all the producers here are fairly paid for the excellent coffee they produce, and that the regular orders we place gives them a sustainable income.