Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 250g Beans




Sarah’s Choice are coffees that I have specially selected for you. They are my personal favourites and bring a spectrum of flavours to my range.

Yirgacheffe is a Mocha coffee bean, grown in Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia. This a very popular coffee with light floral and berry notes at the outset which give it a delightful sweetness. To appreciate the delicious flavour of this coffee it is best drunk black.

Brewing Hints: Brew for 2 – 4 minutes in a cafetiere or filter machine
Roast Depth: Light to Medium Roast
Origin: Yirgacheffe in south west Ethiopia
Characteristics: Lemony, zesty and floral. Delicious!
Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk to fully appreciate this excellent coffee.


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